Hair Surgery

Advanced Hair Studio offers the premier hair surgery options in Australia. Our surgery works, and we know it works because we have hundreds of thousands of happy customers to prove it. Our hair surgeries are based on lengthy scientific and medical studies, and that’s why we have full confidence in what we can achieve.

If you’re looking for hair restoration, we are the premier provider of medically-backed hair restoration treatments in Australia. Our techniques are scientifically-tested and proven to work. We don’t just seek to restore hair by replacing it, we also try to treat the root cause and create the scalp and follicle health you need to regrow and restore your own hair.

Advanced Hair Studio Hair Surgery

We offer two surgical forms of hair therapy:

  • Strand-by-Strand® Surgical: This is our main form of hair transplantation. It works by taking your existing hair and implanting it into sections of your scalp that are balding or thinning. Each strand is matched, strand by strand, so you end up with a completely natural look that can be styled any way you like. This is our method of follicular unit transplantation (FUE), and it has had enormous success since its inception.
  • Advanced Singular Hair Grafting®: The most common area where hair treatment is required is the hairline, especially for men. Our Advanced Singular Hair Grafting® Procedure combines surgical and non-surgical elements to provide you with a natural looking hairline that won’t take months to grow out. Like all of our treatments, it has been designed to blend in with the rest of your hair, so no one will ever know you’ve gone through a procedure.

If surgical options aren’t right for you, we also offer a range of non-surgical hair treatment options.

Hair Treatments with No Surgery

  • Strand-by-Strand®: We also offer non surgical alternatives to our Strand-by-Strand® treatment. While this option isn’t permanent, it is effective and natural looking.
  • Laser Therapy: Our combination of laser treatment, FDA-approved pharmaceuticals and scalp and hair treatment ensures your scalp is in the perfect condition to grow hair.
  • Advanced Hair Fibres: This option is perfect for thinning hair. Just brush the keratin solution through your existing hair for instantly thicker hair. The keratin bonds so strongly with the hair that you can brush and style with confidence.
  • Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors: This at-home treatment program unlocks follicles, reduces oil, kills bacteria and reactivates dormant follicles to ensure they start producing the hair you so desperately need.
  • FlashPoints®: Hair extensions are a great way to treat hair loss or thinning that won’t respond to other treatments. We offer the best on the market. They are reusable and require no glue, wax or weaving, so there’s no need to worry about damaging the rest of your hair.
  • Hair and Scalp Fitness Range: This range features an Advanced Laser Helmet, an AHS-FP Antioxidant and Serenoa. Serenoa inhibits the production of DHT, which is a hormone that can stop the production of hair.