Advanced Hair Studio is the premier provider of hair replacement in Australia. We help you avoid the cost of thinning and balding hair by offering a series of hair replacement techniques that address thinning and balding hair in a completely natural way – no obvious extensions, wigs or plugs, just natural looking replacements.

Hair Replacement for Men

  • Strand-by-Strand®: This hair replacement technique works by replacing your hair that way it falls out – strand by strand. This method of replacement is what sets our technique apart because it looks utterly natural from every angle.
  • Laser Therapy: Our laser therapy goes far beyond the use of laser technology. Our sophisticated laser treatment is combined with hair regrowth medication and a hair and scalp health treatment to address the cause of hair loss and create the scalp conditions you need to regrow your hair.
  • Advanced Hair Fibres: The beauty of our Keratin treatment is that all you have to do is brush it through your hair and you’ll have an instantaneous form of hair replacement. The Keratin bonds instantly to your hair, and forms a strong bond so you can brush it or style it however you like.
  • Advanced Singular Hair Grafting: The most common area of the scalp where a hair replacement is required is the hairline. In male pattern baldness, this is where balding commonly starts, so if you’re in the early stages, you’ll be happy to know that our advanced singular hair grafting offers a natural form of hairline replacement.
  • Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors: This program delivers the highest concentration of active cell signal proteins on the market. The program also: unblocks the follicle entrance, reduces excessive oil, kills bacteria caused by dandruff and inflammation, and increases nutrients to the scalp and restores the appearance of hair colour.

Hair Replacement for Women

  • Advanced Laser Therapy: With a 90% success rate, our Advanced Laser Therapy is a great way for women to boost their hair replacement treatments. It works to improve the health of your scalp and promote hair regrowth.
  • Strand-by-Strand®: Our patented hair replacement technique is also perfect for women. Our clients love how natural and looks, and with no surgery, you don’t have to worry about pain or scarring!
  • FlashPoints®: Our reusable hair extensions don’t require any glue, wax or weaving, so you don’t have to worry about damaging any remaining hair. They are also available in a range of textures, colours and styles, so they really are the perfect method on instant hair replacement.
  • Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors: This program delivers the highest concentration of active cell signal proteins on the market. The program also: unblocks the follicle entrance, reduces excessive oil, kills bacteria caused by dandruff and inflammation, and increases nutrients to the scalp and restores the appearance of hair colour.

Treatments and Products to Assist in Hair Replacement

  • Hair and Scalp Fitness Range: Serenoa is the best way to address early stages of hair loss. A hormone called DHT causes follicles to stop growing hair, and Serenoa blocks this hormone and encourages hair regrowth. We combine this treatment with an Advanced Laser Helmet and an AHS-FP Antioxidant for a full at-home hair regrowth treatment to complement your hair replacement.
  • Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors: Regrowing hair is a great form of hair replacement. We can help you to do this by restoring dormant follicles with our patented ‘Growth Factors.’

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Rest assured, you can replace your thinning or balding hair. Advanced Hair Studio has over 500,000 happy customers who will attest to this.

Alopecia in women is devastating. Hair loss can affect all facets of your life and have a significant impact on your quality of life and sense of self. The term alopecia is often used to refer to general hair loss, but in truth, there are varying types of female alopecia, with the most common being:

  • Female Androgenic Alopecia: Androgenic Alopecia is another term for female pattern baldness, which is a condition in which the hair thins on a particular part of the scalp, most commonly around the part in the hair.
  • Female Alopecia Areata: Alopecia Areata is a condition in which patches of hair are lost from the scalp and other parts of the body.
  • Female Alopecia Totalis: Alopecia Totalis results in all the hair falling from the scalp.
  • Female Traction Alopecia: Traction Alopecia is a condition caused by excess force being placed on the hair, usually as a result of hairstyles like braids or tight ponytails.
  • Female Alopecia Universalis: Alopecia Universalis refers to hair loss that affects every part of the human body.

Advanced Hair Studio Treatments for Alopecia in Women

  • Advanced Laser Therapy: Our laser therapy has a 90% success rate in preventing further hair loss in certain types of alopecia. We use powerful laser technology in conjunction with FDA-approved medication and a hair and scalp treatment range to promote a follicle and scalp environment that encourages hair growth.
  • Strand-by-Strand®: We offer a non surgical method of hair restoration that requires no surgery, pain or scarring, and it comes with a 100% guarantee. We take your remaining strands and match them to balding sections of your scalp to create an entirely natural hair transplant.
  • FlashPoints®: If you’re suffering from a form of alopecia that won’t respond to one of our other treatments, our extensions are perfect solution. Extensions require no weaving, wax or glue and they’re reusable. They also come in a variety of textures, colours and thicknesses so you can create a completely natural look.
  • Hair and Scalp Fitness Range: Some forms of alopecia can be caused by the production of DHT. DHT is a hormone that prevents follicles from producing hair. The secret ingredient in our Hair and Scalp Fitness Range, Serenoa, inhibits the production of this hormone. Our Hair and Scalp Fitness Range also makes use of an AHS-FP Antioxidant and an Advanced Laser Helmet to help promote hair growth.
  • Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors: We developed this groundbreaking treatment. You can undertake this treatment at home over 10 weeks, and it works by using ‘Growth Factors’ to reactivate dormant follicles. The treatment relies on PRP Stem Cell technology and it has shown enormous potential in improving hair growth levels.

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Female alopecia is a confronting condition, but we may have the answers for you. Visit one of our clinics, so we can diagnose your problem and chart the best course forward for your particular form of alopecia.

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We’ve all had itchy scalps, especially in the colder and drier winter months. While we might dismiss an itchy scalp as just a minor annoyance, the truth is that they might be an early indicator of something much more sinister.

Why It’s Important

Although all the symptoms of an itchy scalp might feel similar (persistent itch and redness and tenderness of the scalp), there are actually many different types of itchy scalp, each with distinct causers.

Some of the causes are innocuous, and will fade with time; others though can lead to significant consequences, such as substantial hair loss.

One thing remains true to all forms of itchy scalp – the itch is merely a symptom, it’s not the actual condition.

An itchy scalp can be caused by some of the following:

  • Head lice
  • Scabies (human itch mites)
  • Dandruff (in severe cases known as seborrheic dermatitis)
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Sunburn
  • Dirt
  • Rosacea
  • Folliculitis
  • Fungus
  • Alopecia areata

As the above list makes clear, many itchy scalp conditions are temporary, and don’t last very long. However, in some instances, typical hair loss issues such as folliculitis and alopecia could be the culprit.

Factors Involved

Before deciding that your itchy scalp is the result of a serious hair loss issue, it’s important to put in place a hair-care routine, based on making changes to your lifestyle.

Several well-known, classic home remedies exist, which can help determine the severity of your itchy scalp.

Try washing your hair with tea tree oil, or generally using a shampoo with a low acid-content. Other solutions like massaging the scalp with aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil or lemon juice are all thought to help clean and get rid of an itch on the scalp.

Other more general lifestyle changes are also considered an appropriate measure to tackle itchy scalp. Incorporating things like a new exercise routine, a better diet, a consistent skincare regimen, and ensuring a consistent uptake of vitamins are some of the most beneficial ways to ensure body – and scalp ¬– health.

In-House Trichologist

Much like dermatology is the study of skin, trichology is the scientific and medical study of the hair. Hair is a living part of our body, supported by several systems which when disrupted can cause hair loss. Our in-house trichologist examines how follicles are affected by hormones, nutrition and illness. Using insights from the forefront of this field can help treat your itchy scalp and hair loss.

How to Know When It’s Time For Professional Help

If you try these home remedies and lifestyle changes and your itchy scalp isn’t disappearing, that’s when it’s time to get in touch with hair care professionals. In many instances, an itchy scalp left unchecked and untreated can lead to dramatic hair loss down the line.

Advanced Hair Studio, with our industry-leading treatments and technologies are equipped to help diagnose any scalp problem you’re having. We can figure out what’s happening, and you can be one of 500,000 people worldwide who have benefitted from our life-changing services.

It’s not too late for the help you deserve!

The best way to slow or halt hair loss is to encourage hair growth. Vitamins for hair growth are a great way to do this, and provide assistance for both thinning hair and hair loss in women and men. Like all bodily processes, hair growth is dependent on a healthy balance of vitamins, and some of the best vitamins for hair growth include:

  • Vitamin A: cells rely on vitamin A for growth, including the cells responsible for hair production.
  • B-Vitamins: one of the B vitamins called Biotin is linked with hair growth, and a deficiency can cause hair loss.
  • Vitamin C: vitamin C can protect against the free radical damage that blocks hair growth.
  • Vitamin D: low vitamin D levels are connected to alopecia and a range of other conditions.
  • Vitamin E: vitamin E acts an antioxidant that works to protect against hair damaging oxidative stress.
  • Iron: Iron facilitates the carrying of oxygen to blood cells, which is imperative for hair growth.
  • Zinc: Zinc helps to regulate the oil glands in hair follicles.
  • Protein: the hair shaft is made entirely of protein, which means that protein is essential for proper growth.
  • Advanced Hair Studio’s Hair & Scalp Antioxidant: Specifically formulated to promote the growth of strong, healthy hair and support scalp health, this contains herbs and nutrients with antioxidant activity. These nutrients include milk thistle, zinc and vitamin C.

Taking vitamin supplements may assist in hair growth, but the best way to look after your hair is to maintain a healthy diet. That means eating plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean proteins while avoiding processed and sugary foods.

If you’re experiencing severe levels of hair loss or balding, you need to visit Advanced Hair Studio for a Hair Check so that we can suggest the best form of treatment for you.

Men’s Therapies

  • Strand-by-Strand®: We offer a 100% guarantee on this hair replacement method. This method provides you with a completely natural look because we match each replacement strand to your existing strands.
  • Advanced Laser Therapy: Our laser treatment program is the best in the industry because we combine it with FDA-approved pharmaceuticals and a hair and scalp treatment program. We even provide clients with our celebrated, at-home Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors treatment for a full hair restoration procedure.
  • Advanced Hair Thickening Fibres: All you have to do is brush our keratin treatment through your hair, and the fibres instantly bond to your hair strands to give your hair a thicker look. The bond is so strong that you can brush and style it however you like without altering the aesthetic.
  • Advanced Singular Hair Grafting®: Hair loss often begins at the hairline. We have developed a procedure that combines surgical and non-surgical elements to restore your hairline in a completely natural way. Unlike other grafts, you won’t have to wait upwards of six months for your hairline to grow out.

Women’s Therapies

  • Advanced Laser Therapy: Our leading laser treatment has a 90% success rate in helping our female customers to regrow their hair. The best part is that following treatment, you can expect to see results in just three months.
  • Strand-by-Strand®: We’ve got a Strand-by-Strand® hair restoration process that is specially designed for women. It looks natural, and the replacement is so effective that you can style it however you like.
  • FlashPoints®: We offer an incredible range of hair extensions. We have managed to develop a range that is reusable and works without any wax, glue or weaving. Our hair extensions are available in a range of textures, colours and thicknesses, so you’ll find an extension to suit your hair and your desired look.
  • The dreaded bald spot. Perhaps the most stereotypical of all hair loss conditions. It’s often depicted in popular culture as the most common form baldness and a sign of the onset of middle-age.This is, in many ways, an unfair characterisation. Bald spots seem severe and, in many instances, they are. But, more often than not, they are treatable, especially if addressed early.

    The truth is that bald spots are an effective warning sign – wake-up call even – for men to take their hair and its care more seriously. Your hair might not be around forever, especially if it’s not taken care of, and treated like the organ it is.

    What Is A Bald Spot?

    A bald spot is a small area – often circular or ‘spot’ shaped, although it can manifest itself in more unusual forms – of total hair baldness on the scalp or elsewhere. In other words, the hair follicles underneath that area refuse to grow hair. Although it can occur in women, it is more common and noticeable when it affects men.

    Men who develop bald spots, perhaps in part due to the associations with bald spots from negative portrayals in culture, typically feel a host of negative emotions.

    These can include:

    • Sadness and even depression at the thought of more hair loss
    • Feeling self-conscious about their age, due to the (incorrect) associations between hair loss and ageing
    • Low self-esteem about their physical appearance, and how their bald spot may change perceptions of them

    Causes of Bald Spots

    There are many obvious, and some not so obvious, causes for the sudden or gradual onset of bald spots.

    Far-and-away the most common form of bald spot comes from alopecia areata. Thankfully, it’s also one of the most treatable and least severe forms of alopecia. Ironically, another term for alopecia areata is spot baldness.

    There’s a whole host of reasons as to why a man might contract alopecia areata. Some of these can be prevented, others are, unfortunately, down to predisposition.

    These causes include:

    • Genetic predisposition: almost all men are, to a certain extent, predisposed to some level of hair loss.
    • Hormonal imbalances: due to emotional factors such as high levels of stress, men can experience hormonal imbalances, which can lead to development and aggravation of alopecia areata

    Treating Bald Spots

    Fortunately, bald spots are a very minor manifestation of alopecia. In fact, they’re extremely treatable.

    At Advanced Hair Studio, take one of our complimentary advanced hair checks and we’ll be able to provide you with the right guidance for treatment options for your bald spot.

    Some of our industry-leading treatments include our Advanced Hair Fibres, Laser Hair Growth Treatment and our world-class Strand-By-Strand technology.

If you’re looking for hair restoration, we are the premier provider of medically-backed hair restoration treatments in Australia. Our techniques are scientifically-tested and proven to work. We don’t just seek to restore hair by replacing it; we also seek to treat the root cause and create the scalp and follicle health you need to regrow and restore your own hair.

Hair Restoration Treatment for Men

  • Strand-by-Strand®: This method restores your hair strand by strand. This gives you a natural-looking restoration because each new strand is matched perfectly to the strand next to it.
  • Laser Therapy: Our Laser Therapy can help to restore your hair by getting your scalp in the right condition to start growing hair again. We do this by combining sophisticated laser technology, scalp and hair treatment and FDA-approved pharmaceuticals.
  • Advanced Hair Fibres: If you’re thinning on top, you can get an instant hair restoration simply by brushing through our Keratin Thickening Fibres. The fibres form a strong bond with your hair to make it thicker, and the bond is so thick that you don’t have to worry about wind disturbing the look.
  • Advanced Singular Hair Grafting: Our Hair Grafting restores your hairline, without anyone knowing you’ve had surgery. There’s nothing worse than a visible restoration, so we’ve created a surgery option that looks entirely natural.
  • Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors: This program delivers the highest concentration of active cell signal proteins on the market. The program also: unblocks the follicle entrance, reduces excessive oil, kills bacteria caused by dandruff and inflammation, and increases nutrients to the scalp and restores the appearance of hair colour.

Hair Restoration Treatments for Women

  • Advanced Laser Therapy: Our Advanced Laser Therapy for women has a 90% success rate, and it works in the same way as our male treatment. It encourages a healthy scalp and creates the perfect environment for hair growth.
  • Strand-by-Strand®: This is our premier hair restoration solution. It gives women the ability to enjoy all the favourite styles and wear them with confidence because it restores hair strand by strand and looks natural from every angle.
  • FlashPoints®: Hair extensions are a contentious form of hair restoration because they can look terrible. You don’t have to worry about that with our FlashPoints® extensions. They don’t require any wax, glue or weaving so you won’t have to worry about damaging your other hair, and they’re reusable!
  • Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors: This program delivers the highest concentration of active cell signal proteins on the market. The program also: unblocks the follicle entrance, reduces excessive oil, kills bacteria caused by dandruff and inflammation, and increases nutrients to the scalp and restores the appearance of hair colour.

Other Treatments and Products For Hair Restoration

  • Hair and Scalp Fitness Range: The hormone, DHT is responsible for shutting off the signals that force follicles to grow hair. Serenoa blocks the production of this hormone, so your follicles will continue to grow hair and offset the loss. We include Serenoa in our hair and scalp fitness product, and the range is topped off by an Advanced Laser Helmet and an AHS-FP Antioxidant.
  • Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors: Our ‘Growth Factors’ lock into your follicles to reactivate any dormant follicles, expel any blocking oils and create an environment for hair to push through and grow again.

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Hair restoration is within reach. Don’t resign yourself to a future of balding or thinning hair. Take advantage of our treatment options.

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Stem Cell or PRP Hair Therapy is a misunderstood – and frequently maligned – treatment option for hair loss. Despite being relatively new to the field, in just a short time it’s managed to revolutionise the way we both perceive and treat hair loss issues.

Read on to discover what exactly Stem Cell or PRP Hair Therapy is, and how Advanced Hair Studio’s Revolutionary Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors can help you on the path to recovering your hair.

A History of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy involves the use of stem cells: undifferentiated cells which can be used to specifically target and treat an array of issues within the human body.

That’s because they can develop into a huge variety of cell types during their early life. When people don’t have enough of a specific type of cell, stem cells can usually be used to restore those cell levels up to normal standards.

Although they were first discovered in the 1860s, it wasn’t until around a hundred years later, in the 1960s, that the potential of stem cells was first unearthed and exploited. Since then, they’ve played an evolving role in our understanding of medicine, and the medical field’s ability to treat disease.

Today, stem cell therapies are now being used to treat a host of diseases, including: arthritis, autoimmune diseases, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries and diabetes.

Despite the versatility and effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy, it wasn’t until recently that it’s potential for use in the hair loss field was explored.

How Stem Cells Work On Hair

Because stem cells can differentiate into almost any type of cell, they can be used to regenerate hair cells and follicles.

This make it the ideal treatment for the following diseases:

The potential for stem cells to change the lives of the sufferers of these diseases is enormous. That’s why Advanced Hair Studio has developed our world-leading Revolutionary Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors.

How Do The Revolutionary Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors Work?

At Advanced Hair Studio, we take the growth factors that are naturally produced within your own body. Growth factors regulate cell division and survival. This program helps hair regrowth, and can also address and reduced excessive oil in hair; dandruff caused bacteria, reducing inflammation; unblock the follicle entrance and restore nutrients to the scalp.

The 10 Week, at-home Stem Cell Hair Technology Factor Program couldn’t be simpler. Apply the formula once a week, and apply the serum twice a week. The program can also be combined with our Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment for maximum effectiveness.

At the conclusion of the program, you will be stunned by the regeneration of your hair thanks to our Revolutionary Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors.

You don’t have to live a life without hair.

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We know how to help you regrow more hair. We’ve done this all over the world, and our treatments have helped over 500,000 people. All our procedures are designed by hair loss doctors and have been subjected to intensive scientific testing. We know they work and we know they can help you and your thinning hair.

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