A Worried Parent’s Guide to Teenage Hair LossMost teenagers have enough ‘on their plate’ without the added problem of hair loss. Hair loss can be especially debilitating during the teenage years when most young people are wrestling with questions of identity, beauty and social value.

We know that the issue of hair loss can lead to teasing and bullying, which can result in horrific and long-lasting consequences to a teenager’s confidence and esteem. The emotional trauma is just not worth it, especially when treatment options are available, and most importantly, proven.

What Causes Hair Loss In Teenagers?

Hair loss is a complicated issue requiring detailed investigations taking into account multiple possible causes including genetics, hormones, diet and even stress levels. Adolescence is a turbulent time and involves some sort of change in all of the above potential issues; genes activate, hormones fluctuate, diets alter and stress levels can even effect hormonal levels.

All of these factors, in some way, will affect the life cycle of hair. Following is a brief description of how hair can be effected.


Balding can be triggered by a number of factors by the start of puberty, and teenagers experiencing hair loss should be mindful of any family history of balding on both sides of the family.


Hormonal fluctuations are a key part of puberty, and the body often has curious ways of adjusting. The key hormone implicated in hair loss is an androgenic (relating to male sexual development) hormone named dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is produced through natural processes in the body as testosterone is broken down. This occurs in both men and women.

DHT then binds to hair follicles, causing them to shrink prematurely. Puberty, and the associated hormonal fluctuations, raise DHT levels, prompting a temporary shrinkage of hair follicles. Hair follicles can easily grow back as soon as hormones level out.

Furthermore, medicines, such as the pill, work at the hormonal level and are also known to cause forms of hair thinning.

Diet and Nutrition

A poor diet lacking in the correct level of nutrients can have damaging effects on the skin surrounding the hair follicles. This creates an inhospitable environment for hair to grow. For many teenagers, it can be difficult to get the right nutrients such as vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, and zinc into their diets.

Iron deficiencies are a common cause of temporary hair thinning, particularly for teenage girls. Iron assists in the transportation of blood and oxygen throughout the body which is imperative for hair growth. An iron deficiency can be corrected with iron supplements and the integration of more leafy greens into a diet.


Illnesses such as Alopecia Areata are especially common in teenagers. These illnesses result in symptoms such as bald spots on and around the scalp. This occurs when the immune system begins to target the hair. If diagnosed early, hair will usually grow back within a year.

Furthermore, stress can increase the risk of the development of an illness by weakening the immune system, leading to inflammation of the hair follicles. Some acute mental illnesses can also cause hair loss, such as trichotillomania (compulsive pulling out of hair) and anorexia and bulimia (which deprive the body of the nutrients necessary for hair growth).

Addressing all of the above issues can be the first step to restoring healthy hair. If hair loss is more severe, we recommend contacting Advanced Hair Studio immediately to Book a Complimentary Advanced Hair Check before hair loss becomes permanent.

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the Secret to Natural Hair Loss TreatmentWhile clinical solutions offer guaranteed and proven results for most people, it is also completely legitimate to look toward natural, cost-effective solutions.

Hair loss is a surprisingly complicated affair, involving, amongst other things, the relationship between your genetic makeup, hormonal levels, skin health and even stress. You can target the causes of hair loss at any of these levels in order to either slow down the rate of hair fall, or in a best case scenario, begin to regrow your old hair.

It can be difficult to figure out what treatments will work and also, how they work. Here is a look at some of the more popular and established natural remedies which will help give you a better idea of how hair loss could be tackled.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a commonly accepted treatment for skin damaged by sunburn. The principle also applies for skin around the scalp damaged by the wear and tear of time. Firstly, it acts as a potent anti-inflammatory which can reduce congestion around pores and is a great moisturising agent for all types of dry skin.

Aloe vera can provide vital nutrients to damaged hair follicles and give them a chance to begin the regeneration process. Furthermore, it is also suggested to have some mild anti-microbial properties which help to fight infections that disrupt the life cycle of hair follicles.

Coconut Products

Coconut products have long been recognised as an effective moisturiser, which can help to alleviate the dryness that causes hair follicles to shrink. Topical application of coconut oil to affected areas can help to supplement sebum, the oil that is naturally produced by hair follicles to help regulate moisture levels and prevent infections.

Coconut oil also contains several anti-microbial agents that can prevent hair follicles from becoming inflamed, which is a relatively common cause of temporary hair loss.

Rosemary Oil

A growing body of research is beginning to point to rosemary oil as a complimentary product to the ever popular Minoxidil, in spurring unprecedented hair regrowth. Similar to many other essential oils, it has potent anti-microbial properties that can help kill the causes that suffocate hair follicles and stop them from growing to their full potential.

Topical application of this essential oil over the scalp seems to help combat one of the most common forms of genetic hair lossmale pattern baldness. The mechanism of this form of baldness is actually a hormone named dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which binds to hair follicles and causes them to shrink. It is suggested that this oil works as a DHT inhibitor, again, giving the scalp a chance to begin regrowing hair.

Why Should I Look Into Natural Remedies?

Natural remedies for hair loss don’t enjoy the same scientific backing as pharmaceutical solutions, or the permanence of surgical procedures such as hair transplants.

However, these solutions can be easy and cost effective additions to one’s lifestyle, and can be useful to use alongside more effective, permanent pharmaceutical and surgical options.

When it comes to hair regrowth and baldness, it is important that you undertake in-depth research to make sure you are spending your time and effort wisely.

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Hair Implants Cost That Everyone Can AffordWhat happens when medicines, expensive shampoos and diets fail to stop hair loss? It could be time to investigate hair implants. Across all types of treatment offered by major hair loss specialists today, it is acknowledged that hair implants are a safe, convincing and most importantly, proven option.

However, hair loss is a complicated issue. To find out what treatment is most suitable for you, a comprehensive diagnosis needs to initially be undertaken, investigating the following items:

  • Severity of hair loss
  • Type of hair loss
  • Family history and genetics
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • How recent the hair loss onset has been
  • Type of relief sought (partial or whole coverage)

Because of the number of issues involved, it is incredibly difficult to state what the exact cost of hair implants is likely to be. For example, hair grafts are evaluated on the size of area requiring treatment, and this is impossible to assess without consultation with a professional, in order to determine what is the most optimal approach.

Are They Worth The Investment?

As with any medical procedure, there will be costs involved. But unlike a lot of other medical procedures, hair implants target something entirely different: your confidence. Confidence, self-esteem and self-worth are all intimately tied to the image of yourself, and psychology tells us that these have real impacts on how we interact with the people around us.

Our society values hair as a sign of beauty and individuality. It is completely understandable therefore, that people suffering from hair loss are often prone to feelings of sadness, embarrassment, social anxiety and depressive tendencies.

While it is easy to brush these feelings off as unimportant, these symptoms can have serious consequences for your relationships with friends, family and around the workplace. Appearance is important, if not to anyone else but to you; and if the treatment options are available and proven to work, why would you not invest in yourself?

Individuals, who receive hair implants, overwhelmingly report that they are much happier and confident in their appearance, and we know how this can translate to all other areas of an individual’s life.

Can I Obtain an Estimate of the Cost?

The only way to know how much hair implants are likely to cost is to contact Advanced Hair Studio – the sooner, the better; every day is a step closer to irreversible hair loss. You may want to contact Advanced Hair Studio for one of our complimentary free hair checks. Our expert consultants will help identify what treatments are available and suitable, and the exact costs.

When your hair loss begins to take control of your life, that is when it’s time to take things into your own hands.

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Over 500,000 people around the world have had their lives changed by our treatments. We know they work because we have seen it first hand, and we have hundreds of thousands of happy customers who are prepared to back our expertise.

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Propecia Results: They’re Not Worth the Dangerous Side EffectsWhat Is Propecia?

Most of us will lose around 100 hairs every day, but because of genetics, hormones and age, this can be dramatically accelerated for some, often irreversibly. Hair loss is a medical condition, and as such requires prompt medical diagnosis and treatment.

An easy solution to a complicated problem is something that all sufferers of hair loss are desperately searching for. It’s unsurprising then that several pharmaceutical solutions are now available, but can they do anything to help?

Propecia is a common—but dangerous—treatment for hair loss. As such, Advanced Hair Studio has never prescribed this drug—nor will we in the future.

How Does It Work?

Propecia, known by its chemical name Finasteride, is a potent hair loss medication that works by targeting specific hormones that accelerate hair loss.

It works by reducing production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body, a hormone derived from the breakdown of testosterone in the body. While DHT isn’t harmful normally, it binds to hair follicles and causes them to prematurely shrink, preventing hair growth. The exact reason it does this is still unknown.

Research has shown that Propecia is an effective treatment for hair loss but the side effects are so severe that Advanced Hair Studio has never, and would never, recommend it as a treatment option.

Propecia also needs to be regularly taken to be effective. As such, once you cease taking the medication, balding will resume. A temporary solution to a permanent problem really isn’t worth the risk, particularly when Advanced Hair Studio offers a range of stress-free treatments that can help restore your hair permanently.

However, getting to the root of hair loss will involve a comprehensive picture of the condition through expert diagnosis. A number of factors can contribute to hair loss, like genetics and environmental pressures, and Propecia can only target hormonal levels.

What Are The Side Effects?

While Propecia can offer hair regrowth, it has several serious side effects, including:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Muscle swelling
  • Mental fogginess
  • Anxiety, sadness
  • Muscle soreness
  • Nausea
  • Rapid weight changes
  • Skin rashes

Whilst Propecia can work for some people, it is not worth these devastating and common side effects.

Our Minoxidil, Serenoa 320 capsules and Advanced Hair and Scalp Antioxidant are far more effective and much safer than Propecia.

Is Propecia Worth It?

Propecia was one of the leading treatments worldwide for male pattern baldness and hair loss. It has been proven to slow down hair loss, and for many people, it helped hair to grow back.

However, as the side effects began to emerge, doctors stopped prescribing this medication, instead switching to a safer alternative such as Minoxidil.

Advanced Hair Studio Provides Expert Advice On Treatment Options

It can be difficult to determine the causes of and treatments for hair loss. Advanced Hair Studio offers a suite of industry-leading treatments and solutions to maximise your chances of reversing hair loss in a long-term and meaningful way.

From flagship treatments like our Laser Hair Growth Treatment, Strand-By-Strand®, Stem Cell Technology Growth Factors, and our Advanced Singular Grafting, right through to our highly-specialised trichologist-led lifestyle treatments, Advanced Hair Studio has an answer for you.

We will determine what’s causing your hair loss, and give you the tools to combat it.

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PRP Results Enormously Beneficial for Hair LossPlatelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is one of the most promising treatments in hair loss science currently available. It is a relatively new technology, and even with the limited amount of usage it has enjoyed so far, it has been enormously beneficial for a number of hair loss sufferers.

If you are interested in whether this treatment is right for you, we would recommend you contact us, as soon as possible, for a free hair check. Especially before your hair loss inches closer to permanent. Advanced Hair Studio’s Revolutionary Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors could change your hair for the better.

How Are PRP Stem Cells Used In Hair Loss Therapy?

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells which can be used to target and address several issues. Stem cells are useful because they can be developed into a variety of cell types. When there is a lack of a particular cell type, stem cell therapy can be used to restore levels to an appropriate standard.

PRP treatments basically concentrate the quantity of platelets and redirect them to injured areas, forming clots and releasing growth factors which then stimulate regrowth. PRP Stem Cells are a powerful tool for the medical profession and are used in the treatment of some of the following debilitating diseases:

  • Tendonitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Ligament Damage
  • Muscle Tears

How Do PRP Injections Work?

Platelets contain growth factors, which essentially instruct the body to redirect blood vessels and stem cells towards afflicted areas.

This effectively signals the body that extra resources are needed in a particular area. What this causes is a healing response at a much faster rate, also assisting in clearing out inflammations. Think of PRP Injections as a kick to jumpstart regrowth and immune systems.

What Are The Results Of PRP Treatments?

PRP treatments have shown serious efficacy in treating a number of forms of hair loss, such as androgenetic alopecia (male or female pattern baldness) and scalp folliculitis (inflammation of hair follicles around the scalp).

The treatment has been available for a relatively short period, but has a steadily increasing popularity around the world, with both clients and medical professionals.

It may be too early to know precisely how effective it is, but a growing body of research is showing promising results. It has been noted as effective in stimulating regrowth, reducing inflammation and increasing the volume and thickness of previously foregone hair.

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Microneedling-with-PRP-For-Hair-LossFor the uninitiated, Microneedling might not sound like an entirely appealing treatment process. Furthermore, given the youth and mystique around Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) stem cell treatments, the combination of the two might sound like a hard sell. This is understandable, but the reality of using these two treatments together can result in a very promising outcome.

The combination of these two separate forms of hair loss treatment can completely rejuvenate previously foregone bald spots, prompting unprecedented growth and revitalisation of scalp health.

Learn more about Advanced Hair Studio’s use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in our PRP Stem Cell Treatment and how it can help you on the path to recovering your hair.

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a treatment that utilises a mechanical microneedle pen to perforate the skin, on and around the scalp, multiple times. This process creates a number of controlled, minor wounds which stimulate the bodies growth processes which in turn produces collagen. Collagen then begins to repair the tissue around hair follicles.

This treatment stimulates hair regrowth by stimulating the regeneration of skin tissue, providing a healthier environment for hair follicles to grow.

What are PRP Treatments?

To understand how platelet rich plasma treatments assist in hair growth, it is necessary to understand the role of stem cells. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells which can be used to target and address a number of issues. Stem cells are useful because they can be developed into a variety of cell types, and importantly, they can be developed into cells that support the growth of hair.

Some of the world’s largest medical authorities have only recently approved PRP treatment. Therefore, research data is not currently comprehensive. However, it has been effectively used to treat some of the following debilitating diseases:

  • Tendonitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Ligament damage
  • Muscle tears

A PRP injection comprises a concentrated dose of platelets which are directed to areas with poor blood flow. The platelets then form clots and release signalling molecules, called growth factors, which direct the body to spend energy and resources in repairing the affected area.

What this means for anyone suffering from hair loss is a ‘kickstart’ to the bodies repair mechanisms which then regenerate tissue at a much faster rate. The process also has the added bonus of flushing out inflammation and disease that may have caused balding in the first instance.

Combining Treatments

Whilst these two treatments are moderately effective individually, they really shine when applied together. Microneedling stimulates the release of growth factors in and around the scalp, essentially priming the platelets and the stem cells in the plasma to perform faster.

While growth factors are released naturally, having more in abundance nearby the target areas for cellular regeneration can help to increase the rate at which healing occurs and also speeds recovery.

These treatments are suitable for treating a whole range of hair loss types. Even when combined, these treatments are low-risk, relatively non-invasive and painless (as topical anaesthetics are applied beforehand). The advantages are enormous, as skin is completely revitalised thereby giving hair follicles a fighting chance to do their job.

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Hair Loss SymptomsOver half of men past the age of 50 will experience some form of Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), known commonly as the dreaded androgenetic alopecia. Maybe this is why we tend to associate balding with old age and wisdom. However, the complete picture of hair loss science suggests that a number of things could be the reason for a loss of hair.

Hair loss is the product of several factors, such as a family history of balding (especially on the mother’s side), hormonal fluctuations, diet and even stress levels, can all play a part.

It is important to notice the symptoms of hair loss as early as possible so that adequate treatment can be sought. What is even more important is to pay attention to your body, and how it reacts to significant life events. The sharing of this information, with a medical professional, can build a more complete picture of a condition (including whether it is temporary, or requires urgent treatment).

Balding can vary from person to person depending on the cause, the severity and genetic profiles. Symptoms can set in from any age and will usually encompass some of the following:

Though the symptoms are not usually ‘life or death’, they can still have a profound effect on a person, ranging from feelings of embarrassment and shame to gradual social withdrawal.

Luckily, with early intervention, a lot of balding conditions are eminently treatable. If initial treatment is unsuccessful, there are other options such as hair transplantations and stem cell therapies. Both of these options have seen great advances over the years, and can now promise effective and proven results for many individuals.

It is important to note that there are many forms of balding, with some of the most common types as follows:

  • Androgenetic alopecia: pattern baldness affecting both men and women.
  • Alopecia areata: patches of hair loss with sudden onset.
  • Alopecia universalis: hair loss occurring all over the body, including both body and pubic hair.
  • Telogen effluvium: temporary thinning of the hair, usually occurring after an intense stress.
  • Trichotillomania: hair loss resulting from compulsions to pull hair out.
  • Folliculitis: hair loss resulting from inflammation or infection of the hair follicles.

Due to the numerous forms of balding, it is critical to get a comprehensive understanding of the causes, effects, and solutions as they are all individual specific. If you are unsure where to start, consider getting in contact with Advanced Hair Studio for a complimentary hair check today to find out more.

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Over 500,000 people around the world have had their lives changed by our treatments. We know they work because we have seen it first hand, and we have hundreds of thousands of happy customers who are prepared to back our expertise.

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Hair Regrowth MedicineWhat Medicines Can Help With Hair Loss?

For anyone suffering with hair loss, it is important to know that there are medicinal solutions available that are proven to be effective.

However, the problem is that the ways in which these medicines work are not totally understood. Plus, their success rates are inconsistent. If these medicines were more successful, more often, there would be far more on the market.

When discussing medicines for hair regrowth, there are two major drugs that are usually used for the more generalised forms of hair loss – Minoxidil and Finasteride. If you would like to know more about how these drugs could be useful for your condition, it is recommended that you schedule a complimentary hair check session to obtain a complete picture of your hair loss.

How Do These Medicines Work?

One of the key causes of hair thinning and hair loss is the hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is produced as a by-product of the breakdown of testosterone. DHT is usually deployed around the body to stimulate growth and sexual development. It also has the added side effect of binding to hair follicles, causing them to shrink and stop producing the terminal hairs that we normally see.

Finasteride (known commonly as Propecia) targets hair loss at the same level as hormones. It slows down the rate of DHT production and reduces DHT levels, thereby giving hair follicles a fighting chance to produce healthy terminal hairs. However, Advanced Hair Studio does not advocate the use of this drug given its well-publicised side effects.

However, hair loss can also stem from poor skin health in and around the scalp. In these cases, the appropriate medication is Minoxidil. Minoxidil is a vasodilator which improves blood flow around the scalp, thereby providing damaged and unhealthy hair follicles the nutrients and oxygen they need to regenerate.

In rarer cases, such as Scalp Folliculitis, a disease where foreign pathogens infect hair follicles, doctors may prescribe anything from anti-fungal creams, corticosteroids to treat inflammation, antibiotics or even topical antiseptics.

Are There Risks To Medication?

Medications always come with risks and will require expert diagnosis by a medical professional to evaluate whether they are appropriate for you.

Furthermore, with reference to the previously mentioned two medicines, it is necessary to continually take them in order to see any benefit (over the course of months), which can put you at a greater risk of the following side effects:

  • Mental fogginess
  • Anxiety and sadness
  • Muscle tenderness
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Rapid changes in weight
  • Skin dryness and rashes
  • Sexual dysfunction (note that Minoxidil does not affect your sexual libido).

Medicinal solutions can make a serious difference when trying to combat hair loss, but their potential side effects should be carefully considered. In the case of infections or illnesses, medicines prescribed by a doctor are a wholly suitable option.

However, for more general forms of hair loss, there are several solutions available. Advanced Hair Studio can help provide natural, permanent results; contact us to learn more.

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Over 500,000 people around the world have had their lives changed by our treatments. We know they work because we have seen it first hand, and we have hundreds of thousands of happy customers who back our expertise.

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Best Haircut for a Receding Hairline - Options For Thinning / BaldnessWhether we like it or not, hair is a crucial part of our appearance. Our society values hair as a sign of youth and beauty for men and women. We have all spent years learning how to cut and treat our hair so that it looks as good as possible.

Even though it is fairly common, pattern balding is not fun when it hits you in your youth. At the onset of a receding hairline, it can be difficult to know what to do. Suddenly, your tried-and-true hairstyle makes it painfully obvious that your hair is thinning.

Luckily, there are dozens of trendy haircuts, that you can experiment with, that will work well with a thinning crown or slightly thinner hair.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a perennial classic. It has been associated with the armed forces for decades and is all about achieving a practical, symmetrical and pragmatic look. Crew cuts are great for men suffering from more severe hair loss around the crown. By keeping everything uniform, attention is drawn away from any thinning.

Tapered Short Back and Sides

A short back and sides hair style is an eternally classy cut, and one of the most popular cuts around today. To accentuate this, experiment with tapering on the sides – this is the gradual fading of the sides upward.

A tapered short back and sides hair style is recommended for men who still have a moderate amount of hair left on the crown, with thicker hair on the sides. Ask the barber to keep the front as long as possible, but still ensure that it is neat. This hair style helps to divert attention away from the hairline, while adding a modern, trendy finish.

Avoid the Comb-over

Not all cuts help a receding hairline, a comb-over is a good example. A comb-over is one of the most offending cuts when it comes to camouflaging hair loss. This style of hair cut not only looks awful, awkward and uneven, but serves to draw attention to areas in which your hair is thinning. Conventional wisdom would indicate that it is best to preserve whatever hair you have, but in the case of comb-overs, this rule should be ignored. It is always better to keep your hair neat and tidy.

In Short

The basic principles for each recommended hair cut are the same; by keeping your hair short and neat, you will achieve a fresh, clean look.

The last thing you want is for your hair to seem uneven and unkempt. This only makes hair loss more noticeable.

These low maintenance cuts will ensure you no longer need to fret about appearances. Instead, you can focus on living life to the fullest.

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Inflamed Hair ShaftYour hair follicles are the living organs that house your hair, and have the power to make or break your appearance. Like any other organ, hair follicles require oxygen, nutrients and optimal hormonal levels in order to function properly. Learning how to stimulate your hair follicles could be the key to stopping hair loss, and even re-growing hair.

There are some products and techniques available that can help to kick-start new growth in your hair follicles. These products and techniques promote a healthy environment in which follicles can grow. While the use of products and techniques may not be a permanent solution to hair loss, it can help along the way.

Aloe Vera

Those who have suffered from the effects of sunburn know all about the healing power of aloe vera. When applied to the scalp, aloe vera is a seriously effective anti-inflammatory, which helps to reduce swelling around pores. This result leads to improved blood flow. Furthermore, aloe vera is an excellent moisturiser which prevents the skin from drying out which can lead to even more damage.

Aloe vera also contains nutrients that can be applied directly to follicles to help them grow. If that was not enough, aloe vera also has sanitising properties that can kill and contain hostile pathogens that can damage follicles.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a popular home remedy to most forms of baldness. Most essential oils, such as rosemary oil, contain anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents that help to provide the healthiest environment for hair to grow.

It is thought that oils stimulate follicle growth by inhibiting a hormone named dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT binds to hair follicles and causes them to shrink. More research is currently being undertaken into the effectiveness of essential oils, but they have already been seen to help blood flow in and around the scalp.


Minoxidil has been the go-to pharmaceutical treatment for hair loss for years. Minoxidil is popular with doctors and clients alike and has proven to be useful, without a doubt. In most cases, Minoxidil will slow hair loss and assist with new growth.

Minoxidil is thought to act on several biological systems. It has been observed that it improves blood flow around the scalp, which allows vital nutrients to get to the hair follicles. It can also be used in conjunction with several other hair treatments.

What Can Give Me Proven, Reliable Results?

Without a doubt, the most powerful stimulating force for hair loss today is PRP stem cell therapy.

A Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment concentrates platelets into a single dose which is injected into the scalp. The platelets are attracted to areas with poor blood flow (such as damaged hair follicles), which then release growth factors. The growth factors signal the body to regenerate the damaged tissue.

Aside from stimulating radical hair regrowth, this treatment, offered by Advanced Hair Studio, can also help to:

  • Unblock the follicle entrance
  • Clear oil and build-up around the scalp
  • Stop bacterial infections

A PRP treatment is the most advanced method available to help restore the health of hair follicles, which in turn can help you grow healthy, thick hair.

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Advanced Hair Studio offers a wide range of hair loss treatments that will help restore your youth and confidence. Take a complimentary Advanced Hair Check today, so that we can put your mind at ease.

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Over 500,000 people around the world have had their lives changed by our treatments. We know they work because we have seen it first hand, and we have hundreds of thousands of happy customers who are prepared to back our expertise.

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