When we think of baldness, the image that usually appears is one of a middle-aged man with a rapidly, aggressively receding hairline. At Advanced Hair Studio, not only do we know that that’s a thoroughly unfair stereotype – but that it simply isn’t true.

The reality of the situation is that everyone can experience hair loss. Moreover, at some point or another, almost everyone does experience hair loss at some point.

Women are often thought of as immune to many of the most common hair loss scenarios. Unfortunately, not only can women contract many of the same hair loss diseases and disorders, but many hair loss issues are also unique to females.

Baldness in women is real, and silently affects thousands in the United Kingdom alone.

The History of Women and Baldness

Historically and culturally, bald women have typically been associated with several different personality traits or characteristics.

While it is considered perfectly acceptable for men to be bald – in some instances it is even preferable for men to be bald – society has tied the notion of femininity and womanhood to women’s hair.

Cultural depictions of bald women are almost always negative. They’re portrayed as harsh and ugly, with malignant intentions.

It’s no wonder that women report feeling intense feelings of shame and embarrassment surrounding their hair loss. This is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Why do Women Go Bald?

Contrary to popular belief, there are just many ways for women to lose their hair as there are for men.

These include:

  • Various forms of alopecia, the most common hair loss disorder
  • Telogen effluvium; an accelerated phase of hair shedding resulting from high levels of stress and other negative emotions
  • Trichotillomania; a psychological disorder which involves the subconscious tearing one’s hair out as a reaction to stressful events
  • Hair loss following major life events, such as child birth
  • Hormonal imbalances

What Can Be Done to Treat Baldness in Women?

Thanks to Advanced Hair Studio, we now have the solutions to women’s hair loss problems.

Our Female Advanced Laser Therapy Program – which has a 90% success rate – regrows your hair through the powerful combination of three treatments:

  • Our industry-leading, FDA approved regrowth pharmaceutical
  • The latest in laser beam technology beam
  • Proven hair fitness range that features proven scalp and follicle treatments

Our Hair and Scalp Fitness Range provides an easy-to-use step-by-step product that can assist in hair loss by promoting and safeguarding the health of your scalp. The unique combination of laser, Serenoa and antioxidant stem hair loss by activating the follicles, thickening the hair shaft and counteract the effect of an unhealthy scalp and weak hair growth.

Our distinctive Female Strand-By-Strand treatment has a 100% success rate; and you won’t even need surgery.

Finally, our Flashpoints hair extensions can introduce your thinning hair to a new world of thickness and length.